Audit report finds irregularities at IIA

Decision to reconstruct traffic control tower cost Rs21m

Audit report finds irregularities at IIA
Audit report finds irregularities at IIA


An audit report has pointed out multiple irregularities committed in the construction of Islamabad airport, including opting for the wrong site to build the air traffic control tower which became a hurdle in smooth flight operations.

The decision to construct the tower again cost the exchequer Rs21 million, states the audit report. The choice of a wrong site initially to construct the tower obscured the staff's vision by the planes standing northwest to the terminal and since it failed the purpose, a new site was chosen to rebuild the structure.

The report said the reason behind this snafu was mismanagement and poor control over planning affairs.

The matter was reported to the project administration but it did not respond. When asked, the CAA authorities refused to comment.

Earlier last month, it was reported the ceiling of the recently-built Islamabad International Airport (IIA) started leaking again due to heavy rain in the federal capital. Portions of the IIA ceiling were seen crashing to the ground in the rain.

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The ceiling near the International departure and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) counter leaks whenever it rains. Due to these leaks after every heavy shower, the passenger and staff face problems.

In the last monsoon season, the ceiling of the airport got leaked after a downpour in the twin cities. Janitor tries to sneak on to international flight.

The personnel of the FIA Immigration Wing arrested a man at IIA who attempted to board an aeroplane with passengers evacuated from Afghanistan that was bound for the Netherlands.

FIA officials said the suspect, identified as Naimatullah, had managed to board the special flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) bound for the Netherlands via Turkey, carrying passengers evacuated from Afghanistan.

During the investigation, it was learnt that the suspect is an employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sanitation department. The suspect said that he tried to go abroad in this manner to secure a better future for himself.

The IIA officials have started an inquiry into how the man reached the security zone without passenger documents and a permission letter.